Minecraft Modding

For kids ages 9-15, we offer Two(2) Levels of Minecraft Modding Summer classes. Kids will learn how to program while “modding”—or adding custom features—to the Minecraft game culminating with students create their own mini-game project at end of the Level II class.

They will learn fundamental programming concepts and skills using a fun and effective visual drag-and-drop programming language called Blockly. The students will not only learn to program but also gain confidence in themselves as programmers and designers.

Level I

This class will cover about half of the basic programming concepts & skills

  1. Functions & Function Calls
  2. Drones & Locations
  3. Loops & Nested Loops
  4. Variables & Game Events

Level II

Open to students who completed Minecraft Modding Level I

This class will complete basic programming concepts & skills plus a mini-game project

  1. Counter Variables & Math Expressions
  2. Conditionals
  3. Parameters
  4. Mini-game project

Game Programming with Scratch

For kids ages 8-12, we offer Game Programming with Scratch class. Kids will learn programming using Scratch Visual Studio to create their own personal digital game.

This class will cover basic programming concepts & skills to create fun games.

  1. Pong Game
  2. Escape the Dragon game
  3. Music Project
  4. Maze Game
  5. Snake Game

Web Design

We are offering Web Design Summer classes for students who want to learn the basics of Web Design (Level I) as well as Advanced Web Design & Programming skills (Level II).

Level I

This class will cover the following Fundamental topics in Web Design:

  1. HTML programming & Structure
  2. CSS Styling and Animation
  3. Webpage Layout & Planning

Level II

Open to students who completed Web Design Level I.

We are offering a Level II Summer class to further advance students' web design and programming skills.

This class will cover the following three Advanced topics in Web Design:

  1. CSS Advanced Selectors, Transitions & Animations
  2. Responsive & Mobile Web Layouts using Front-End Framework Grids
  3. JavaScript & jQuery Interactive Components - Modal Dialogs, Carousels, Popovers