• Computer Science is no longer solely a specialized study of computers for the computer programmers and scientists.
  • Computer Science is now so pervasive that there is no industry, discipline, leader or movement that does not benefit from understanding and using computer science.
  • Computer Science is now so powerful and readily available that its applications are only defined by the imagination of innovative individuals and inventive organizations
  • With basic understanding of computer science and programming, students will become innovators, creators, and designers wielding this powerful tool called computer science that is changing our worlds--both real & digital.


Like learning to read or write or play a sport or musical instrument, it takes time and practice to learn, and it can start in primary and secondary school. In a similar manner, learning computer science is not a one-time activity confined to a grade level, but it can be part of the core education at every grade.


At the end of the day, an engaging, relevant, project-based computer science curriculum’s aim is to not only to elevate the students’ basic knowledge and skills, but also their passion, motivation, and confidence in pursue anything related to computer science.

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” — Plutarch

The Problem

JobStreet Philippines’ annual report for 2017 ranked information technology (IT) and IT-related jobs in the top 3 highest-paying jobs in the Philippines - across all major levels of employment in a survey of 6 million job postings. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected that the tech industry is set to grow by 15-20% from 2012 to 2022, making tech-related jobs among the most promising careers for the near future.

Beyond the job market, computers and gadgets in infinitely many forms are becoming exponentially more accessible and powerful, penetrating even the most basic aspects of daily life. Online social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Viber are changing the way we communicate and interact. Web search engines such as Google influence how we receive and process information, while mobile applications like Waze may dictate how and when we travel. It is a wonder the extent to which these applications and technologies control various aspects of everyday life, but it is an even greater wonder how little most of us know about what makes these technologies work.

How much do we understand of how these applications work? And how well are we preparing our children for their futures in an increasingly technological age?

Understanding the technological systems that power our modern lives is as vital now as understanding the natural processes of the world, such as water cycles and gravity, and perhaps even more essential in the progressively tech-driven industries. The capacity to not only consume technology, but to control, to develop, and to innovate with technology will be essential competencies our students needs to maintain their competitiveness in the 21st century.

The Solution

It is with this recognition that iCode Academy presents our exciting Computer Science for High School course offerings. Most of our courses are based on internationally recognized award-winning high school courses designed by leading Universities and pioneering educators in the U.S. and U.K.

We have customized these courses to engage and inspire high school students through the study of real-world project-based computer science topics in classes as short as 8 weeks to full courses expanding the school year. These courses may be implemented as part of a school’s curriculum or as short extracurricular or supplemental courses, depending on the needs and schedules of the students and schools.

iCode Academy’s class offerings include our innovative curriculum, team of experienced computer science teachers, instructors, and technical experts, and IT support.

Why Computer Science?

At iCode Academy, we We promote a broad study of computer science subjects and its wide range of applications. We believe that an engaging, relevant, and project-based curriculum provides students with foundational 21st century skills and competencies as well as motivates them to innovate, be creative and to solve problems.

To support our goals, we offer fun and engaging programs that introduce and immerse children into the world of computer science and its possibilities.

Computer Science is collaborating across all disciplines, expanding exponentially across industries, and changing everything in 21st century

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Why Code?

Computer technology touches every aspect of our lives and will continue to gain a greater presence in the future. It is important we not only know how to use/consume this technology but that we know how to create with this technology to make a difference.

Learning to program empowers children by giving them confidence as they learn to communicate and command computers.

Children begin to see that it is possible to become digital creators instead of simply being digital consumers, thereby, allowing them to contribute, make a difference and express their creativity through technology.