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Internationally-recognized Award-Winning Computer Science Courses for Elementary and High School

Our courses are designed by leading Universities, pioneering educators and industry experts in the U.S. and U.K.

Academic Courses

Exploring the world of Computer Science and programming through

Computer Science Academic Courses

  • Our academic courses engage and inspire students through hands-on study of project-based computer science topics
  • These courses can be part of a school's academic course offerings for a semester or the full year, or as extracurricular or after-school programs

Coding Workshops & Camps

  • We provide fun coding workshops and summer camps that teaches foundational programming skills in Minecraft Modding, Game Programming and Web Design
  • These courses run over the summers and on weekends during the school year
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Why Computer Science?

At iCode Academy, we promote a broad study of computer science subjects and its wide range of applications. We believe that an engaging, relevant, and project-based curriculum provides students with foundational 21st century skills and competencies as well as motivates them to innovate, be creative and to solve problems.

To support our goals, we offer fun and engaging programs that introduce and immerse children into the world of computer science and its possibilities.

Computer Science is collaborating across all disciplines, expanding exponentially across industries, and changing everything in the 21st century

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Why Code?

Computer technology touches every aspect of our lives and will continue to gain a greater presence in the future. It is important we not only know how to use/consume this technology but that we know how to create with this technology to make a difference.

Learning to program empowers children by giving them confidence as they learn to communicate and command computers.

Children begin to see that it is possible to become digital creators instead of simply being digital consumers, thereby, allowing them to contribute, make a difference and express their creativity through technology.

What Most Schools Don't Teach?